Minut can now detect cigarette smoke!

You asked, we delivered. Today, we're proud to launch our latest innovation: Cigarette detection. Read on to find out how this new feature can help you protect your property and community from cigarette smoke.
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May 31, 2023
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Minut can now detect cigarette smoke!

You asked, we delivered. At Minut, we’re proud to present our latest innovation: Cigarette detection. This feature makes us the world’s first all-in-one solution that monitors noise, occupancy, motion, temperature, and cigarette smoke! The new Minut sensor can now notify you when cigarette smoke is detected indoors, so you can take action and protect your home and community.

Save on repair costs with Minut

According to research conducted by the University of Illinois - Chicago, smoke-related damage cost property owners around $1,600 per claim. Cigarette smoke can also impact vulnerable neighbors when particles are carried into apartments by ventilation. Fighting indoor smoking will help you put an end to neighborhood complaints and fines. At Minut, we help hosts save on operational and damage costs, so you can focus on your business and guest experience.

How does Cigarette detection work?

Powered by AI, the Minut sensor recognizes cigarette smoke – which means it won’t be triggered when guests accidentally burn a toast! Cigarette detection (currently in beta) will gradually improve as it learns from real-world data.

If you’ve already installed a Gen 3 sensor indoors, all you need to do is enable Cigarette detection in the Minut web or mobile apps. The sensor will take a few days to calibrate. Then, you’ll receive notifications letting you know when and where smoke particles were detected. This way, you’ll have all the information you need to get in touch with your guests and make sure the issue doesn’t happen again. With Minut, you can keep a log of previous smoke and excessive noise events all in one place so you can access important data at the click of a button.

Cigarette detection is available to anyone on a current annual Minut Standard or Pro plan with a Gen 3 sensor. If you're on an older plan or sensor you can easily upgrade through the webstore.

If you’d like to share any feedback to help us improve Cigarette detection, please reach out to us at hello@minut.com. We’d love to hear what you think!

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